Most Dangerous Apps for Kids in 2021 Need Protect Your Child


We live in now Digital world with swimming in Technology Tools, Discovered Various apps to ease our life but it has some Most Dangerous Apps for kids. That’s why you should save your child from them. A recent year report by various reputed universities said that more than 80 percent of children are addicted to mobile phones. These Kids are addicted to different kinds of gaming apps and Dating apps. They lost their valuable time in life which should use educations and gain practical knowledge.

So you should know, night said the men arrested managed to “blend into society and attempted to prey on children by developing a trust through promises to exploit them for sexual purposes.” The sheriff’s department urges families to check their phones and other electrical devices.

The Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

Are you worried about your child’s mobile use? Here I listed The top 20 dangerous apps for Your children. Evert parents and elders should know about these risky apps which affect their children’s memory. Then you can check your kids and how to protect your Kids From those dangerous apps. There are 20 uncanny apps for kids list below:


HOTorNOT is Head to toe an adult app. Their theme is Meet New People on chat & Dating. It can use both people, man, and females. Any kind of video call or audio call allow. You know every kid now likes the mobile phone. Unfortunately, they use this app knowingly or unknowingly. You can protect your loving child by checking his/her mobile weekly or biweekly.

2 Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming app. It makes a group call for any age. Bigo Live doesn’t reject if the user is under 18. Users can keep a video diary, live stream while playing video games or talking to each other, and host their shows. So it is a most dangerous app for kids cause there is no age verification, and users must provide their age and location. Bullying, nudity, violence, and profanity are common.

3 Kik

Kik app like Messenger. That’s why it is a messaging app specifically designed for kids where users’ profile pictures appear in a small bubble next to their picture can quickly send their photos, images, or even pre-designed greeting cards. It is the main reason it is a risky app for your kid. You know kids share any kids of the photo. Then anyone can join so anyone can contact or direct message your son or daughter and make a Deathtrap.

4 LiveMe

LiveMe Be the star you are. This live streaming video app uses for geolocation to share the exact location of users. When its users going live chatting then it captures live geolocation. The app uses a virtual currency called “coins,” a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or others, which can be used to “pay” minors for photos. So it is not only for privacy but also, the effect of finance for any wrong decision with your kid.

5 Tiktok

Tiktok is a new app for making and sharing short videos. It’s is fully an adult app. Generally, this app user makes a short video like funny and adult type. Users are vulnerable to seeing explicit content and bullying as there are few privacy measures. So, a guardian must need to protect the child from it’s.

6 Poof App

The Poof app lets users make apps disappear on their phones with a single new window. Kids can hide all the apps they don’t want to see on your phone. All they have to do is open the app and select their hidden person for doing or saying something. Very scary! But their trams and condition are not batted for parents. The good news about this application is that it is no longer available which is not uncommon for these types of applications. However, if you downloaded it before you removed it from the App Store, your child may still have it.

7 SnapChat

Snapchat is a popular social app that promises shared photos and videos will evaporate once they saw. It can also share the geolocation of users. Allows users to send messages, videos, images that disappear after they are received. Kids may use the app to send youthful photos because they believe the pic cannot be saved and circulated. But users can take a screenshot before the image vanishes from the app. Since it also includes a map of other users that may result in messaging or meetings with people your child does not know. So it’s very harmful to the child.


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