Best 21 Entertainment Mobile Apps and Their Introduce


Everyone is different when it comes to what they use for entertainment, and many sticks to YouTube. There are 3.2 million apps can be found on Google play store and 2.2 million mobile application on Apple Store. There are many types of Entertainment mobile apps avaiable now. However, these are some of the best apps for your entertainment.


Youtube is the number one audio and video apps in the United States. Moreover, it’s importance increasing day after day. So we can say it is the best entertainment mobile apps.

Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is the topmost popular games in the online world. These games are available on mobile for millions of players worldwide on Android and iOS.  This game player enjoying very much by playing these games.

Face App:

Face apps are one of the most popular entertainment mobile apps. These apps only use for changing face help of artificial intelligence. It is becoming more attractive features.

Google Play Music:

Storage of up to 20,000 of my songs with Google Play Music, and an all-access subscription of endless music, it’s always becoming popular day by day.


Not much to say here. Watch thousands of movies, TV series, documentaries and more with Netflix. Or try Hulu and Sling TV.

Clash Royale:

 With millions of players worldwide on both Android and iOS, Clash Royale is one of the most popular (and addictive) games.


This is popular for many reasons, but we like the ease of use and all the filters to make my photos come alive with Instagram.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is the very most entertainment mobile apps to stream live TV on the Internet, including sports and NFL networks. Add bundles to get more channels (good ones only) and trench cables. Some people use this daily.

Hulu Plus:

This is my go-to app for watching TV shows on Android. Although it offers a wide range of shows, Many users mostly watch the show tonight with Jimmy Fallon.


HBO Go app when users want to watch Game of Thrones or old Entourage episodes on the go. It is also great for access to comedy specials that are easy to see in small blocks on the go. Stream it on BigScreen with Google Chromecast.

Watch ESPN:

When people need to watch NCAA football matches or enjoy sports, news, highlights and more, I log in to Watch ESPN through Cox and enjoy everything it has to offer.

ESPN Radio:

If you can’t see it, use the ESPN Radio app to listen to games and other programs. Perfect for listening to sports while driving or exercising in the gym.


iFunny is full of Reddit and a sense of humor if you want the most fun photos, popular jokes, memes, GIFs and more. The same is true for The Chive app.

NFL Mobile:

NFL Mobile is a great app for Verizon or NFL fans, but the Yahoo Sports app is now the easiest way to watch NFL games on your phone. Try both apps


You can watch live TV on Android using your DirecTV subscription. We did not get all the channels, but there are plenty of great options. It works great on tablets or uses the Cox Contour app.

Xbox One SmartGlass:

This application allows you to change the game you’re playing in, connect to Xbox where you can type text and view and respond to messages without leaving the game.

Yahoo Fantasy:

Use this app to track almost everything you need to stay on a fantasy sports team. The Bleacher Report is a great app, even the second news about sports.

Amazon Prime Video:

We can’t forget Amazon Prime On Android devices, including movies and TV shows, with no additional empty subscriptions for members to stream videos.


Virtual reality is the next big thing Everybody wants a piece There are Netflix, YouTube, and many other apps. NBA fans now have Google Daydream and other VR platform-specific apps. This will be fun.

NFL Kicker:

For some reason, NFL Kicker is always one of my favorite games while flying or playing casual games.

Crack Quiz for Entertainment Mobile Apps

If you want to fight with your friends in a good old fashion trivia, this award-winning game is one of my all-time favorites. It keeps getting better, integration with iOS and Facebook friends is a must. You can play for hours or weeks or months like a word with a friend. The same is true of SongPop.

Entertainment mobile apps have some good and bad sites. When users use these apps for a long time it kills valuable time. So If we use to keep it properly we will be enjoyed very much.

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