12 of The Best Educational Apps for Teachers and Students


Educational Apps:

Educational applications are becoming more and more popular. Many educational application solutions are not perfect. A good educational APP product should have both the uniqueness of the content and the technical satisfaction of the user experience. An educational app that lets you take advantage of cutting-edge technology, in and out of the classroom. Educational apps can be android, iOS, Apple, web, and desktop apps. There are some educational apps here I discussed below:

12 Most Popular Educational Apps

At this time thousands of Educational applications are available. Now I showing the most 12 popular Apps introduce to you. Their name and simple description are below:

1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is one of the most famous learning applications. It teaches many traditional subjects such as science, math, physics, economics, and more. The apps have access to over 10,000 videos for learning lessons and courses. You can learn various new concepts on different topics. Anyone can use these apps is free and can download them from Google Play Store. These apps also have the youngest and together with the kid’s version both.

2.Google Classroom:

We know there are lots of Educational apps in the Google play store but Google Classroom is one of the topmost apps. The ‘Google classroom’ app is a competent teaching assistant that gives teachers control over all iPads and Macs in the classroom. This allows all students to follow the curriculum smoothly. It helps both the students and Teachers. Google Classroom creates and organizes assignments quickly and provides feedback efficiently.


Udemy is one of the most popular course-style learning apps. It is mainly skill-based learning apps. It has many courses on things like Microsoft apps, Adobe apps, and you can even do things like cooking, and public speaking, and others. There are various courses for free and paid version both. It has video lectures and video examples. I think these apps are very helpful.

4.Pomodoro Timer Lite:

Pomodoro is a time management technique that appeared in the 1980s. It is a technique that focuses on working for 25 minutes and then rests for 5 minutes. The technique, which means “tomato” in Italian, is based on a tomato-shaped cooking timer. In practice, you’ll find it easier to manage your time. But it’s not as easy as you think, so adjust your study time and rest time. Advantages Time management can be very efficient.

5.Todo Math:

Todo Mathematics is a mathematics education service that is so popular that it ranks first in the App Store in 20 countries around the world. Advantages Your child can access math more easily. There is no guarantee that you will not be a fool when you are gossiping.

6.Linkedin Learning:

Linkedin Learning is another newer learning apps. It has an interesting history. This apps is using for professionals in a bunch of courses and tutorials. Anyone can view all of Lynda's courses there as well. There are a lot of courses to learn such as creative skills, office skills, and other similar things. We only recommend those who are want to improve their job skills these apps help them very much.

7.Photo match:

PhotoMatch is one of the most learning apps. These apps math solutions apps. It uses a camera and OCR technology to read the equation whatever you write down after then it gives you the right answer. It shows you how it came up with the answer step-by-step procedure. How to solve the problem gives you the answer and teaches. This apps has both a free and paid version. The paid version has better explanations, extra math resources, and step by step instructions for completing equations.


SoloLearn is a developer app on Google Play. They provide various web languages like HTML, common languages like C++ or Java, and more specialized interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language Python. There is each language has its app and each app is free. These learning apps are most important to those who are learning


WolframAlpha is an engine for computing answers and supplying knowledge. It has the ability to be a calculator with a wealth of information on different topics. It includes various types of data analysis, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, unit of measurement, geography, astronomy, and more, It has a bunch of extra educational tools together with courses for various types of math, references guides like fractions, and facts and more.


Youtube is one of the most popular learning apps. Anyone can learn different things in various topics from these. Its services are usually many educational videos, news, and viral videos. Moreover, you can find any topics whatever you want. you can get a complete guideline from here such as many educational videos, music videos, learning videos, inspiration videos, many entertainment videos, and more. Finally, we can say youtube plays a vital role to learn many things.


Doulino is simple various learning apps. There are over dozens of languages here. This application has free to use. There is no advertisement on this app. Adults and kids both can use this app for learning languages. Learners can learn languages through little mini-games.


Edx is one of the unique education apps. Its courses are in engineering, nutrition, psychology, history, statistics, computer programming, and hundreds of others. It has offline and online various tutorials video lectures, course announcements, and handouts. These courses are completely free for learners. Those who are gathered higher education should use the edX application.

Conclusion of Educational Application

Educational apps play an important role in our daily life. Students and Learners can learn and increase their knowledge by using these apps. Android apps are used in any android supported mobile phone so that they can be carried anywhere places. Learners can learn anywhere places because of their carrying facilities. Our world is changing so fast improving technology. We need to emphasize building more educational applications.

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