Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids Free to Use easily


What are Educational Apps for Kids?

Education is the backbone of a nation. Technology is improving day after day and our education process becoming easy to use technology. Educational apps help not only kids but also help parents, teachers, and any kind of age person. Kids are becoming smarter and smarter to use various educational learning applications. Let’s talk about some educational apps for kids below:


Classdojo is one of the most interesting learning apps for kids and it is like virtual classroom learning apps. This app can be used by students, parents, and teachers to interact with each other. Students can communicate with their teachers for educational needs moreover parents also can know the status of their children’s and education updates by using this application. This app plays a vital role in education for kids.


Duolingo is one of the best options to learn different foreign languages. This app provides the kid’s learners a variety of languages including Dutch, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Danish, German and Irish. This app is completely free to use and download from the Google play store. Duolingo is a specific app and it is fun for the kids.


When you are looking for an easy and fun way to learn Math fundamentals you can use the DragonBox app. There are many math learning apps in the play store dragon box is one of them. Some kids take Math very seriously but these apps help them very much. There are no purchase charges to use this app.

4. QuickMaths:

This app is a Mathematics learning app. Quick Maths can be learned numbers to the kids in a funny way. Kids becoming self-improvement to learn mathematical skills by using this app. Anyone can download and install it on the App Store.

5.YouTube Kids:

Youtube is one of the most popular learning apps for anyone. This platform offers for the kids many educational videos, entertainment learning videos, entertainment content to inspire and enhance young minds. Kids get any kind of learning videos from youtube of which they are needed. There are no charges to use this application and offer kids-oriented and family-friendly videos.


National Science Foundation made Science360 apps. These apps are specially built for tablet users and also Smart Phones. Its main specialties are engineering news images, advanced science, and learning videos for children. Its all content is high-quality, authentic, and updated every week. The content is made by NSF or gathered from universities and scientists around the world. Kids can explore 3D images from every angle and the 360-degree view allows.

7. Crossword Puzzles:

Crossword Puzzles are a majestic tool for smart kids. This app guarantees kids having fun. Kid’s aspects of learning and help excel in the school. Set your child to encourage to use this application.

8.Flow Free:

Flow Free is a puzzle game and this game is very interesting for both kids and adults. It has 2000 puzzles available and uses both free and advanced options for paid packs. This app has a number of features.

9.Spelling Stage:

Spelling Stage is a spelling practice learning apps. Spelling mistakes are a great mistake when kids write any things. Kids may learn to spell in an easy way for using this application and they are getting improve to use this. The spelling stage has paid the option to the subscription to the app and it gives a wide range of spellings and words as per various age groups.

10. My Molecularium:

My Molecularium is one of the greatest entertaining educational apps for kids. High School students can study with a fresh mind by using this app. It has discussed chemical formulas, chemistry concepts related to molecular structure, fun learning games, and skeletal formulas.


Educational or learning apps for kids play an important role in a kid’s life. Mobile app development companies offer many educational apps for both adults and kids. Students can easily learn about different educational things to use these applications.

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