24 Best Business Apps for Small and Large Industries

The Best Business Apps

Every business depends on budgeting, planning, customer management, financing, banking, accounting, employee management, marketing plans, equipment, inventory tracking, complaints, quality assurance, requests, and ten thousand other things all by yourself.

If you would like to improve your business you can download the best business apps. By using these you will be able to save your money, energy, time, and headaches, You could even get some of these free. Let’s talk about the best business application for entrepreneurs. You can monetize by mobile apps which kinds of mobile use People.

Business Applications for Project Management:

Project management apps allow you and your staff remain on the same page together with your daily tasks. These apps aim to contour workflow and concentrate communication so you’ll be able to spend longer really working and less time determining what everybody must do. Here are 3 productivity apps that are value a look:


We recently switched from Basecamp to Trello to manage our content at the easy dollar. Trello’s main strength is that it’s extremely visual: On any given board, you can produce many lists, and move cards between them because of the standing of specific project changes.

For instance, every article has a card, and that we drag those cards from list to list depending on wherever they’re within the writing process: appointed, writing, editing, able to publish, etc. you can attach files, produce checklists, and assign members to every card, therefore, they’re updated because the status of the article changes. Team members can chat directly on every card, too.

Trello is free for private use, however, starts at $12.50 per team member per month for businesses.


Basecamp is that the most well-known project-management app of this trio, and it would be the best to use of the bunch. The interface is efficient and intuitive, and it’s easy to ask collaborators, chat among projects, attach files, produce checklists, and track your progress. you’ll be able to additionally produce useful workflow calendars that keep everybody on track and a similar page.

However, this ease will return at the price of some flexibility: as an example, you can’t do advanced reportage or budgeting, and it’s arduous to check everything in one look. If your comes area unit easy and you don’t wish to devote a lot of time to learning a brand new system, it can be a decent decision.

With Basecamp, you pay per project rather than per-user — users area unit unlimited. Plans begin at $24 per month for fifteen projects and go up to $150 a month for unlimited projects.


Asana is a lot of text-heavy than Trello, and if you like checklists, this app is for you. Projects, or “tasks,” are often simply prioritized among its versatile interface, and a dashboard charts your progress visually. you can chat with team members inside those tasks, assign due dates, attach documents or alternative files, and opt for what reasonably notifications to receive.

The app integrates with a powerful range of different services, as well as Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, and ZenDesk. The basic version of asana is free for up to fifteen users — a nice feature for little businesses on a budget — whereas a premium version starts at $9.99 per month.

Awesome Business App for General Productivity:

Before we tend to jump to additional task-specific apps, we tend to need to touch on many popular productivity apps that are helpful for any little business owner, despite their business sort or size. Here are many apps that may be as useful in person as they’re professional:


Simply put, Wunderlist could be a to-do list, however an extremely effective one. you’ll be able to produce AN endless range of task lists and share them with whomever you would like. Lists are set mechanically so that others will see that things are completed.

Wunderlist has even launched a higher-powered business app that permits you to delegate tasks to team members, break them down into subtasks, add notes, set deadlines, and program reminders. Basic Wunderlist is free, whereas Wunderlist for Business is $4.99 per user per month.


With Evernote, you’ll be able to clip bits and pieces of knowledge from the online, tag them for simple looking, and alter any of them by adding thereto, compression it, or embedding photos, tables, audio, video, and also the like. you can additionally use Evernote for organic notes and journaling, to-do lists, recipes, contacts, and even storage for tweets or emails that you simply wish to stay handy.

All of that’s free within the basic version. Evernote also features a business version that prices $12 per user, per month with many other options together with administrator controls and unlimited space for uploads.


How many times have you ever come across one thing attention-grabbing, however you didn’t have the time to read it right away? If Evernote feels overwhelming to you, Pocket makes it simple to save lots of videos, articles, and no matter else you discover online so that you’ll examine them later.

When you’re uninterested in social networking however still wish to wind down at night with one thing attention-grabbing, Pocket can be your best friend. Even higher, you don’t want an online association to look at what you’ve saved. Pocket is easy to use, and better of all, it’s free.

Business Application for Team Communication:

Though project management apps allow you to not blink thus far on who’s doing what, you will still want an additional immediate way to get in contact with workers — particularly if your email inbox could be a nightmare. Here area unit many options:


Stride contains a shorter learning curve than Slack, and it’s cheaper — you’ll be able to use the fundamental service at no cost, or pay simply $3 per user per month if you would like features like video sharing and screen sharing.

Stride organizes conversations by room, permits drag-and-drop file sharing, and archives conversations for simple looking out. Emoticons and GIFs facilitate keep the mood light, too.


The Simple dollar team has used Slack for fast queries and answers. although it’s not the foremost intuitive app from the beginning, it permits easy filtering and looking that creates finding what you would like a snap. you can produce channels for as regards any speech communication theme: specific projects or clients, general device chat, or no matter what else works best for your tiny business.

Notifications are simply custom-made, which is beneficial for once you need to remain within the loop nevertheless filtrate unneeded noise. the most effective half is that basic Slack is free for an infinite variety of users. additional advanced options, together with unlimited searches and app integration, begin at $6.67 per user billed annually, or $8 per user billed monthly.

3.Skype for Business:

Skype is a popular name simply regarding everybody who has needed to form a free video call online, however, Skype for Business offers conferences with up to 250 people, integration with Microsoft office, chat, file move, and more.

Microsoft offers Skype for Business as a part of its workplace 365 Business package. rating for workplace 365 Business starts at $8.25 per user per month on a yearly commitment or $10 per user per month on a monthly commitment.

Business Apps for Accepting Payments:

You need to get paid, and that’s easier than ever due to today’s payment apps. whether or not you’re accepting location payments or getting paid online, the market is huddled with apps that may assist you to get your cash. Here are a number of the most effective options:

1.PayPal Here:

PayPal Here operates plenty like sq. — you employ a little card reader along with your device to receive payments. Each swipe prices two.7%, which could be a bit below sq. However, PayPal Here includes a few extra options, as well as the power to method checks, electronic invoices, and payments from a customer’s existing PayPal account. One potential downside is that you just won’t receive your payments directly in your checking account — you’ll get onto in your PayPal account, and can then need to transfer that to your bank account, which may take a number of days.


If your business depends on location purchases however you’ve got a restricted budget for payment systems, a square can be a life-saver. connect a little card-reader to your smartphone or pill, and you’ll be able to swipe credit cards and method payments similar to any established distributor.

You don’t have to be compelled to be connected to the web, you’ll be able to use email or text messages to send receipts, and therefore the system can even permit customers to go away a tip of 15 august 1945, 20%, or 25%. There is no monthly fee; instead, you’ll pay a pair of.75% per swiped dealing, or 3.5% (plus 15¢) if you’ve got to manually enter payment info rather than swiping.


Dwolla doesn’t supply a card swiper, however, if your business doesn’t trust location purchases, it’s a compelling thanks to accepting payments via bank transfers. That’s as a result of it’s free. You can settle for or request mass payments, originated continual payments, and customize your fees. Dwolla’s basic services are free, except for additional advanced options, Dwolla provides businesses with a custom rating arrange that varies from business to business.

The best half concerning Dwolla is that you simply will settle for payments from purchasers through the app, then transfer to your business bank account free of charge. If you settle for lots of payments online already and your clients don’t mind victimization Dwolla, this can be an excellent thanks to cut back the prices of doing business.

Business Apps for Time Tracking:

Whether you’re a freelancer who has to track your hours or just a little business owner who desires to stay yourself (or your team) a lot of responsibility, these productivity apps can assist you to see wherever some time is going:


With one click, the Toggl timer tracks where each second of some time goes, creating it ideal for anyone who must log billable hours. you’ll be able to track several projects or clients as you would like, read colorful graphs, export timesheets, and synchronize your numbers with many project management apps.

Best of all, all of your workers will use Toggl, and you’ll be able to divide them into totally different teams to remain organized. Toggle is free for up to 5 users, while a professional version permits unlimited users and adds billable rates, subprojects, and alternative options for $5 per user, per month.


If you recognize you waste an excessive amount of time on digital distractions like Facebook, Twitter, or online searching, RescueTime will hold you responsible. It breaks down wherever you spend it slow by application and website and helps you to set productivity goals. A premium version even allows you to block bound sites, track offline activity, or set notifications (like if you’ve spent an excessive amount of time on one activity, for instance).

The basic version is free, while premium can set you back concerning $9 a month. although RescueTime is on the market for a mackintosh, PC, and Linux, its app is simply offered for android phones.

3.Eternity Time Log:

Productivity extends on the far side of your work life, and Eternity Time Log acknowledges that. Your day is 1st broken down into 3 broad chunks: Work, play, and sleep. among those teams, you’ll be able to any track your time with totally different labels and tags, even running multiple timers right away.

You can read the results victimization colorful pie charts and reports which will be exported to any device. It’s only accessible for iPad and iPhone.

Business Applications for Accounting

You’ve gotten paid, however, you’ve additionally got expenses — many of them. you would like some way to stay track of money that’s getting into and going out, particularly once it’s tax time. Here are a couple of nice accounting apps which will allow you to remain high of your numbers:


If you have got a service-oriented business that doesn’t would like a high-powered accounting answer, FreshBooks is an easy-to-use choice that provides plenty of practicality on the go. Track hours, log acquirement and send invoices from your smartphone or tablet.

Tools are extremely visual and intuitive, and therefore the service integrates with many others together with Basecamp, PayPal, Google Apps, and ZenPayroll. Note that FreshBooks doesn’t provide double entry. The base plan starts at $15 a month and permits the management of up to five shoppers. a lot of totally featured versions enable unlimited clients for up to $50 a month.

2.QuickBooks Online:

If your little business is sort of a ton of others, you already use QuickBooks, or your controller will. QuickBooks online features a ton going for it, together with a well-recognized, easy-to-navigate interface and integration with several different services. you’ll be able to send invoices on the go, view balances, approve estimates, and link to several different services together with PayPal. The base version of QuickBooks online is $15 per month. It includes invoicing, checks to print, and bank integration. costlier versions are $35 to $50 a month and embody advanced options like bill payment programing, commercial document management, and inventory following.


Say you’re on a good budget and you actually, extremely don’t need to purchase accounting software. There’s an app for that, and it’s known as Wave. As long as you’ve got fewer than ten workers, Wave is an easy-to-use platform that may look out of your invoicing, expense following, receipt scanning, and more. you’ll be able to add links to your bank accounts and integrate with PayPal and different services, too.

The free version is ad-supported, therefore keep that in mind. You’ll even have to procure sure other options like payroll or premium client support — each begins at $20 per month.

Business Apps for Customer Relationship Management:

Even if you’ve tamed your disruption lists, several businesses would like an in-depth system to assist them to keep their customers straight. client relationship management apps, or CRMs, assist you to keep track of everything associated with your customers — contact information, past and unfinished purchases, and anything it’s essential to understand a few consumers. Here are some solid bets:


Insightly could be a relationship manager that additionally boasts a lot of project-management options, which might create it a one-stop for some tiny businesses. You can classify contacts with tags, finish their social network profiles, and manage leads. you’ll be able to additionally produce tasks for team members, got wind of pipelines to trace the status of these tasks, and build email reminders to stay everybody on time.

Though there’s a free basic version, costs vary from $29 to $99 per user annually.


If your little business uses Gmail or Google Apps, Streak could be a nice very little CRM that integrates with each. rather than organizing customers by contact, it allows you to keep track of wherever you’re in your relationship.

For instance, maybe you’re simply starting a pitch, or even you’re finalizing a deal. you can read all emails related to every client directly among Streak, and a newsfeed will keep everybody on your team updated on the standing of everything within the app. Streak’s basic service is free for up to 5 users. strong plans vary from $50 to $99 a month per user.


If your business has a distinguished social media presence, Nimble could be the CRM for you. It gleans information from your contacts’ social profiles, changes itself in order that you don’t need to bed. It even analyzes shared interests and integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Hootsuite, and plenty of different services. Nimble additionally learn what relationships you price as you still move with it, creating a lot of doubtless to focus on future opportunities. rating starts at $12 a month per user.


If you’re struggling to build your little business, lots of apps are obtainable to form life easier. With the correct combination of tools, you’ll be able to streamline your business processes, change your business finances, and save both time and cash. Any business depends on its strategy so that if you follow the above business apps you maybe become a successful entrepreneur.

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