What is an app? the Classification and Applied field.


What is an app?

The word “app” is an abbreviation for “application” plural form “apps”.It is just software or program and most commonly a small. Originally software that you installed on a computer, mobile device, tablet, or any kind of electronic device. There are now available amazing kinds of mobile apps that can help you find a hobby. It can run through offline or web browsers on your desktop, and a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, including smart TVs and smartwatches. It doesn’t matter the use of offline or online. However, the common usage of “app” versus “applications” now generally refers to the allocation through app stores where the free download or paid version download and installation happen with a single action. While you were always able to download software, this method of allocation is a new development. and Google’s Android Market are two examples of popular Apps.


According to the 2010 study by the Pew Institute, one in four adults in the United States was using a smart mobile app. The App was most commonly used to take photos, send or receive text messages, access the Internet, or play games.

How kind of apps or types of application

There are numbers of app available but three types of apps are main. there simple induction below:



Desktop apps are usually much fuller than mobile apps and consist of all the features of a program, whereas the mobile equal is a simpler and easier-to-use version. This makes sense when you are considering that most desktop and web apps are built to be used with a mouse and keyboard along with a massive display.

2. Mobile


Mobile apps are intended to be accessed with a single finger or stylus on a small screen. This makes sense when you consider that most desktop and web app is built to be used with a mouse and keyboard along with a large display, but the mobile app is intended to be accessed with a finger or stylus on a small screen.

3. Web

The Web apps might be full of features too, but It has to leverage the capabilities of the internet connection and web browser program, so while some are the massive duty and can perform well like mobile or desktop programs, the most web application is a lightweight design for a reason.


If an app is a mix between a web app and a desktop app, it might be called a hybrid app. These are apps that have an offline desktop interface and right away access to hardware and other connected devices, but also it’s an always-on connection to the internet for fast updates and entry to internet resources.

Example of apps

You know there are many kinds of apps now updated, Some of them exist in all three forms and are available. It is not only a mobile app but also a desktop and web application.

The Adobe Photoshop image editor or create various Designs and various photos or image editing services. You can do it with this software. It is a full software program that runs on your desktop, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a mobile app that lets you mark and paint on a portable device. It’s a briefer version of the desktop application.

Another example is Microsoft Word. It’s available for computers with various versions in its most advanced form better than the web, by subscription, and via a mobile app.

Those two examples are of apps that are old in all three app forms, but that isn’t always the case. For example, you can get to your messages through the Google mail website and mobile app, but there isn’t a desktop program from Google that lets you access your email. In this case, Gmail is both a mobile and web app but not a desktop app. If you want you can add it or change it as desired.

Some other category app list below:

Sharpening your brain

Shopping online

Reading E-books

Keeping track of your to-do list

Appointment tracking and reminders

Playing games and music

Watching videos

Text and video chatting

Managing finances

Planning vacations

Improving math skills and etc.

Where to get This application

In the meantime mobile app, almost every platform has a repository where have users can download free or paid. These are very normally accessible through the device itself or a website. So that the application can be the lineup for download the farther time the user is on the device.

The real example is the Google Play Store and Amazon’s Amazon App store is two places where Android users can download. Other highly smart phone iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices can get. The apps through the App Store straight from their devices.

Desktop apps are more widely available from various blog sites free or paid versions. Otherwise, you can start your business companies’ sources such as Softpedia and FileHippo.com. But some official app reservoir includes the Mac App Store for the macOS app. Also the Windows Store for Windows application.

Web app loads within any kind of web browser. You don’t need to be downloaded unless you’re talking about something like Chrome App. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yandex, and others. Opera mini that is downloaded to your computer but then runs a small web-based app through chrome and another Url.


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