What is Desktop Apps? Combined with Other Apps and its Future


Definition of Desktop Apps:

A desktop application is an application when it is can run only after installation on a desktop or a laptop. There are many times when we need some software such as Office, GIMP, or Notepad but due to less space in the system, we do not want to download the software. In such a situation we can run desktop apps in our web browser without downloading or installing them on our device.

Some example of Desktop Applications

There are many kinds of desktop applications available now, thair simple list below:

  • Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox. Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer)
  • Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Windows File Explorer (to find files on your computer or laptop)

Desktop Apps vs. Web Apps:

Some people say that web application is better for any reason. Another of them argues that desktop applications will always be supreme. Most people are using both types of applications. The main thing is that both desktop app and web apps have a beneficial site.

Updating is the application that is difficult with the desktop application and also needs to be done on each computer separately which is not the same thing with a web application.

The desktop application has a usability constraint because of its physical location. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on users to access the application form using the internet at any location. The desktop application has its own working ability and it can’t face any problem resulting from internet connectivity. But Web application runs significantly on internet connectivity and speed. A desktop application can run low-cost bandwidth usage. On the other hand, web application only needs high-speed bandwidth so it has a high cost.

Desktop apps versus Mobile Apps:

There are many differences between mobile apps and desktop apps. A common misconception has that the native mobile apps and desktop apps are the same— but actually, the two are long different. But where is the common difference between a mobile app and a web app? Let’s take bellow:

Mobile applications are software applications that aim to sprint on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. A mobile app is basically for a specific mobile platform and a direct installation can be done on the respective device. They are primarily built for high performance and also have better user experience access to a wide range of APIs that will not put any restrictions on the use of the app. Since mobile app platforms are specialized, it is expensive to build. They are built using specific languages and integrated development environments. Mobile apps storage capacity is limited so we can’t install our beneficial apps on a mobile phone, or smaller screens. Mobile apps work much faster than desktop applications. Therefore, mobile application usage is higher than it’s. A desktop is bigger than a mobile that’s why we can use mobile apps easily anywhere places. Otherwise, desktop application using more comfortable because it has a big screen is than mobile

Features of Desktop application:

Desktop applications have many features and can perform many tasks. Sometimes a large set of tasks as well.

They only work less well with mouse and keyboard input and touch input.

In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, desktop apps run with limited permissions but administrative permission may be granted by the user. Some programs, such as antivirus programs, cannot run correctly without administrative permission. When administrative permission is granted, programs can change the operating system.

Programs can run in many instances parallel. For example, you can open the same desktop app two or three times, or as many times as needed, and work with all instances in parallel. On a multi-display setup, you can display a desktop app on any of your monitors and all of them at the same time, if you start multiple instances of the same desktop application.


There are many benefits and weaknesses in both applications. I believe that both applications will coexist for high time and this application will play a vital role in our daily life.


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